What do you seek?

I first stumbled upon BDSM & kink during the earlier days of Collarspace, and later, the underbelly of the internet on Locanto and Craigslist. I initially identified as a submissive and started off my kink journey as a submissive, serving a number of old school and strict dominants. Submission allowed me to express my primal helplessness and fear within a safe container. Unfortunately, not all experiences were made equal, and I learnt about consent violations the hard way.

Through my submissive journey, I picked up protocols, values and the skills required of me to eventually transition to becoming a Dominatrix. Being on the receiving end of things and rising up and beyond trauma from my formative years have given me a deep-seated understanding on how trauma and kink is inexplicably intertwined. Through the years, I developed my own practice of holistic dominance. Holistic dominance is the marrying of the body, mind and spirit, where holistic kink is a channel for somatic transformational experiences, and to empower individuals to rewrite their own narratives and reclaim self-identification.

In addition to being a Professional Dominatrix, I am also an empath, and kink educator/coach. My focus is in helping individuals reconcile their kink identities with their vanilla, everyday self. My approach is based on helping clients get in touch with their inner child, understand how their past has shaped their present and written certain narratives. This could be through family origins, evolving sexuality, past traumas, or conservative societal upbringing. Through coaching, I hope that individuals get in touch with their inner child and develop healthy attachment styles with their loved ones while having a positive relationship with their self and kink identity.

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Holistic BDSM Kink Consulting | Kink is not about pain, but about belonging


Interdisciplinary Holistic FemDom & Empath | Mentor, Educator & SG Professional Dominatrix